The state of supply path optimization: Progress and impact in the US


In an advertising landscape dominated by automation and a staggering array of choices, problems with transparency have inevitably arisen. Buyers have struggled to determine which SSPs are bringing quality inventory through their pipes, and to make sure their bids aren’t being duplicated for the same impression.

In a process known as supply path optimization (SPO), these buyers have begun assessing the effectiveness of their SSP partners, demanding increased transparency, maximum efficiency and a more innovative and adaptable overall bidding process. PubMatic and Digiday surveyed more than 150 US media buyers to gauge how they’re approaching SPO. In a wide-ranging new report, you’ll learn:

• How far along US buyers are in implementing supply path optimization

• Which SPO tactics buyers are employing most often, from eliminating SSP partners to using algorithms

• How agencies, brands and DSPs are differing in their approaches to SPO

• Which benefits that US SPO practitioners are after, from better brand safety to improved KPIs

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