The state of supply path optimisation: Progress and impact in the UK

Programmatic will account for almost 90 percent of display spend by 2020, according to eMarketer, and while money will continue to flow, how it’s spent will change.

The next era of programmatic buying is being ushered in, and supply path optimisation (SPO) is at the forefront of this dialogue. Advertisers and agencies are beginning to assess the value of their technology partners — and are optimising supply paths to ensure that every bit of budget spent has an impact.

By downloading this report you will find:

  • New research into where UK buyers are in their SPO journey
  • Insight into how UK buyers are approaching SPO
  • The biggest benefits and concerns around optimisation
  • How SPO impacts UK buyers’ SSP relationships
  • SPO’s impact on publishers
  • Four core steps to how you can put SPO into action today


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