The state of brand story telling

Marketers tend to say they want more. More time. More budget. More creative talent. But their resources are often limited, and their production demands are always on the rise. Yet they have to proliferate content across countless channels, from social to websites to TV to print. As a result, they’ve turned to an array of tools, from digital asset management to design, to make their lives more efficient and manageable

WoodWing and Digiday surveyed 113 industry pros from brands, agencies, and publishers’ content studios to establish just how intimately linked tooling is to storytelling quality. Most respondents told us that their organizations could be doing a better job of telling their brands’ stories, and most thought better tools and processes could help them do so.In this guide you’ll learn:

  • Which technology tools marketers are using in their brand storytelling
  • How many brands and agencies think their storytelling could stand to improve
  • How many creative professionals say an established process for asset creation and delivery is important to brand storytelling
  • Why a majority of marketers say that new creative and asset management tools would improve creative output

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