Marketing intelligence: Prioritizing human ingenuity in a world of automation

The word “intelligence” is embedded into today’s most prominent marketing technologies: artificial intelligence, business intelligence, customer intelligence, media intelligence. But this ubiquitous usage can strip an important dimension from the word’s meaning: human intelligence.

Marketing intelligence is different. It’s a way of doing business but also a mindset — a paradigm shift that embraces emerging technology platforms while acknowledging the need for marketing pros and data specialists to look at tech-surfaced insights in a holistic way, supplementary to their own expertise and decision-making.

In this guide you’ll learn:

  • How marketers can meld first-party and paid media data with human ingenuity
  • Why data experts should be integrated directly into marketing departments
  • Why legacy brands have struggled to understand all their data
  • Why complete in-housing often doesn’t translate to marketing intelligence

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