The state of paid search: How marketers are managing their programs

Companies of all shapes and sizes turn to paid search. According to eMarketer, Google alone will command 38 percent of the digital ad market this year — significantly more than any other platform. And practitioners now have a broad choice of tools to help them drive performance. Some use the “native” tools offered directly by search engines, while a growing number are turning to third-party platforms. 

But what factors into these decisions? And how do search marketers rate the value and performance of the tools they’re using? In a comprehensive new State of the Industry report, we surveyed practitioners from a wide variety of industries to find out how they’re managing their paid search programs. 

In this guide you’ll learn:


  • How frequently advertisers are using third-party management platforms 
  • How advertisers rate the value and performance of the industry’s offerings
  • Why many savvy advertisers are expanding their search footprint beyond Google
  • How budget and industry type affect which tools and search engines marketers use


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