Life outside the walled gardens: Greater control, unique data and contextual advertising

By 2022, there will be 4.66 billion internet users in the world and 56 percent will have two or more connected devices. This creates a wealth of opportunity to provide people with digital advertising that matters to them. 

Today, marketers gravitate to opportunities that are available through tech giants Facebook and Google, who provide targeted, data-led advertising within “walled gardens”. But these closed ecosystems are creating challenges for marketers seeking transparency in their ad spend, and leading them to ignore consumers that spend time online outside of these platforms. 

In this report, we’ll look at life beyond social and search, map out the opportunities that marketers are missing out on and provide the techniques for marketers to bring precision and relevance to digital campaigns through data —  even when operating outside the walled gardens. 

By downloading this report you will learn: 

  • The opportunities to reach potential customers outside of the walled gardens
  • The value of using unique data, with data privacy in mind 
  • Why Facebook and Google miss the mark on contextual advertising  


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