Report: User-generated content is transforming as marketers compete for quality and scale

The story of user-generated content is the story of an evolution, and most recently it is a story of acceleration as well.

The sweeping changes driven by a global pandemic and the resultant quarantine have scattered creative marketing teams, but they have also opened brands’ and agencies’ eyes to the promise of UGC as an avenue to fresh takes on campaign content and context and audience discovery.

To further understand the state of UGC in a changing consumer landscape, Cohley and Digiday conducted a survey of more than 300 brands and agencies in summer 2020.

Download this report to learn:

  • How marketers are finding high-quality user-generated content creators and what resources they need to do that
  • What brands and advertisers need to manage the data and AI elements of their campaigns — critical to identifying and matching the right content to the right audiences at scale
  • How one brand used AI to expand UGC testing from 10–15 instances per day to 50, and then 150 — and quadrupled ROAS

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