Report: The state of identity in 2021

From third-party cookie deprecation to global privacy regulations, marketers are facing an evolving range of challenges when it comes to creating addressable audiences. An increasingly privacy-forward advertising ecosystem will require marketing teams to scale solutions that enable identity resolution, identity matching and identity management. Only with a full suite of solutions like these can advertisers effectively serve customers with relevant experiences in 2021 and beyond. 

To uncover how teams are approaching identity resolution obstacles and opportunities, Acxiom and Digiday surveyed more than 140 brand, publisher and agency executives. This report highlights what they told us, as well as featuring analysis and insights from industry-leading experts who are pursuing identity resolution. 

Download this report to learn about:

  • Re-approaching identity in a changing advertising ecosystem┬á
  • How brands are solving identity challenges related to data deprecation
  • Best practices for building an identity graph
  • What companies are looking for in identity-solution partnerships

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