Report: The state of digital media targeting in 2022

The world of digital media targeting is rapidly changing. With traditional identifiers on their way out, effectively segmenting audiences and measuring campaign performance and ROI have become more important, and more challenging, than ever. 

The evolving advertising landscape is pushing marketing teams to reassess and adapt their digital media targeting strategies in order to efficiently and effectively reach the right audiences through the right channels, while prioritizing consumer privacy. As they seek to master targeting solutions beyond walled gardens and third-party cookies, brands and agencies are also evaluating budget, talent and technology and data partnerships. 

To spotlight how marketing teams are navigating digital media targeting in 2022, Digiday and Wiland surveyed 80 brand, agency and publisher executives. This report highlights what they told us and, through expert insights, how companies are shifting internal strategy and external partnerships to meet targeting challenges and opportunities. 

Download this new report to learn about: 

  • Top digital media targeting challenges and pain points
  • Assessing budget allocation, measurement and ROI across different marketing channels
  • The tradeoffs of speed, scale and accuracy in digital campaigns
  • Steps companies are taking to improve their current and future digital media targeting strategies

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