Report: The state of data, analytics and interoperability

An analytics evolution is underway. Heading into 2022, publishers and brands are working to overcome data fragmentation to achieve interoperability at their organizations. Companies are seeking audience analytics solutions integrated with tools that ensure data flow, cleanliness and consistency. And they’re activating these tools by putting the right people in place to manage them across the various needs of different business units. 

In 2021, Piano and Digiday surveyed more than 100 publisher and brand executives to uncover how organizations are approaching analytics challenges and opportunities. This report highlights what they told us and, through qualitative insight from experts, breaks down the data, technological and organizational setup needed to advance analytics strategies. 

Download this report to learn about:

  • The state of audience data and analytics 
  • The importance of integrated technology to gather clean and consistent data
  • Roles and responsibilities necessary to improve how analytics is used
  • Identifying third-party tech partners to improve audience data strategies

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