Report: The state of CTV advertising in 2021

The past year significantly accelerated a TV consumption trend that was happening before the pandemic. Consumers, already using connected TV to stream video content, gravitated even closer to CTV content as they were confined to their homes and watched from different devices in a single house at the same time. 

As the shift from linear to CTV continues, marketing teams are putting more ad dollars into the space. Brands are discovering that CTV allows them to create more interactive ad experiences that can draw higher engagement and conversions — but advertisers also have to tackle measurement and fragmentation obstacles that come with investing in CTV. 

To uncover the industry’s engagement with CTV in 2021, Digiday and Innovid surveyed more than 100 brand marketers and agency executives. This State of the Industry report spotlights what they told us, as well as what brands and ad tech pros have learned from integrating CTV this past year. Download this report to learn about:

  • How far along marketers are in CTV adoption and benefits they are seeing
  • The KPIs teams use to measure CTV success
  • How the channel fits into the larger omnichannel marketing strategy
  • The biggest CTV obstacles that brands are working with tech partners to tackle

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