Report: The state of ad quality in 2021

The inevitable death of third-party cookies is forcing publishers to shift from audience-based targeting to contextual tactics in the advertising ecosystem. At the same time, lags in contextual capabilities are poised to compromise the very ad quality assurances that third-party cookies have historically ensured. 

To uncover how publishing teams are grappling with ad quality challenges and shifting their approaches to solutions, GeoEdge and Digiday surveyed nearly 100 publishers. This report highlights what they told us, as well as the major pain points and steps publishers are taking to achieve better ad quality control and transparency. 

Download this report to learn about:

  • Insight into how 2020 impacted the state of advertising quality
  • What works, what doesn’t and what needs to occur to ensure better ad quality
  • The shift from automated to manual solutions and why it matters
  • Steps publishers are taking to future-proof ad quality control

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