Report: The marketer’s guide to contextual targeting for CTV and video

As the advertising landscape increasingly prioritizes consumer privacy, marketing teams are shifting targeting tactics to focus on context in order to reach the right audiences. While contextual targeting has long been a practice on the open web, advertisers are now applying the strategy to CTV and video channels. 

Brands are using cookieless technology to determine page context in order to effectively target users through CTV and video, and they are working with agencies and tech vendors to determine how to accurately measure success and drive performance with their efforts. This tactical guide explores how teams are approaching contextual targeting for CTV and video in 2022. 

Download this report to learn about:

  • Contextual challenges and opportunities for CTV and video marketing teams 
  • Accurately measuring the success of contextual campaigns
  • How brands are using context effectively reaching consumers through CTV and video 
  • Building on contextual tactics for CTV and video in the future  

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