Report: The marketer’s guide to audience data

The past several years have advanced major changes in data privacy, forcing marketers to change the way they gather and use their first-party data. Brands will play a critical role in responding to these transformations, specifically because they are primarily tasked with sourcing, owning and maintaining first-party data. As they succeed at that effort, they’ll also succeed at re-engaging existing customers and identifying new ones. 

In this report, experts put a spotlight on essential tactics for making the most of first-party audience data on a global scale. Marketers who understand the value of and harness the power of existing first-party data — both from online and offline sources — will find success, whatever changes may come. 

Download this new report to learn:

  • How to future-proof first-party data strategies
  • How any company can leverage cohort-onboarding 
  • How to identify the best data onboarding partners

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