Report: The CTV advertiser’s guide to identity

When it comes to connected TV, the death of the third-party cookie is not entirely the same story as it is for publishers and advertisers working in other channels. However, while CTV doesn’t rely on cookies to identify and track audiences, it does come with its own identity issues. Meanwhile, multiple identity solutions have begun to emerge, but with the sheer number of available solutions, new challenges have surfaced.  

In this new report, experts unpack approaches advertisers are taking to address identity in the CTV space, from auditing to understand the elements of identity that are in play to fine-tuning the marketing team’s approach to media plans, targeting and brand safety. 

Download this new report from Digiday and Unruly to learn:

  • How advertisers are auditing to identify underlying “currencies”
  • How to navigate identity amid the restrictions around IP addresses
  • How to engage with multiple identity solutions in an effective manner