Report: Tactics for campaign planning, execution and measurement 

For many publishers, juggling the acts of filling cross-platform advertising inventory, measuring results and reporting back to advertisers is perennially difficult. Teams are clamoring for ways to manage media planning, campaign execution, measurement and optimization without stretching out their sales cycles, missing sales or having disconnected data.  To do this, they need visibility into their inventory and performance, and they need shareable metrics to prove it all.  This guide breaks out the steps publishers can take to effectively manage the entire advertising sales cycle and the tools they can leverage to ensure success moving into 2022 and beyond. 

Download this new report from Salesforce to learn:

  • How converged media planning can be a sales and campaign accelerant
  • How streamlining operations allows publishers to better execute campaigns
  • How to improve performance and client satisfaction 
  • What tools publishers can use to manage ad sales now and in the future

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