Report: Preparing for cookieless audience addressability

By 2022, third-party cookies will no longer be a feasible option for publishers to create addressable audiences. A cookieless web is forcing them to develop new, privacy-compliant methods to create and measure targeting segments and use first-party data to reach audiences at scale. 

As publishers approach addressability alternatives, there are three critical challenges to consider: efficiently tracking and managing a diverse group of IDs in a centralized way over time, mitigating cross-device redundancies and working to link analytics to a vast number of screens and screen types.

Through qualitative survey data and insights from ad tech experts and publishers, this micro-report unpacks how publishers are working to solve these challenges, ensuring that they reach the right users with the right creative. 

Download this report to learn:

  • Post-cookie implications for publishers and advertisers
  • The challenges of tracking unique IDs at scale
  • How publishers are working to reduce device redundancies and and achieve cross-site insights 
  • Approaches publishers should be taking to prepare

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