Report: How marketers are redefining audience attention

Consumer attention is advertisers’ most valuable currency. However, in light of emerging technologies, changes in media consumption and an endless stream of content, consumer attention is always at risk and always in play.

To build stronger audience connections and inform future campaign planning, measuring what captures attention and how to keep it is essential.

Understanding how audiences engage with content informs stronger decision-making, but it’s challenging to determine what works and what doesn’t without the correct data. As advertisers seek to justify their ad spend by showing video’s value, teams are changing their standards of what qualifies as authentic attention to better determine how ads impact the bottom line.

Download this report to learn:

  • Why current ways of measuring don’t speak to the quality of ads
  • Ways advertisers leverage attention to improve video strategies
  • How consumers are engaging deeper with branded video content

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Report: How marketers are redefining audience attention
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