Report: How 10 brands drove growth and customer acquisition with audience insights

In the digital advertising world, brands face an always expanding set of goals. It’s not always clear where or how to begin. The answer most often lies with data — gleaning insights from audiences and tying those findings to digital media strategies that result in engaging campaigns. Leveraging audience insights to create custom data targeting allows brands to create unforgettable experiences for their customers. And knowing how brands have successfully done that in the past is the quickest path to bringing new tactics to bear for the marketing team. Download this new report to learn about the marketing challenges 10 brands faced — and how they managed to crush their growth and customer acquisition goals by drawing data into the mix and making new moves based on the insights they uncovered. 

Learn more about: 

  • How audience insight data provided a brand with 949% return on investment
  • How Chipotle reached 2.5 million potential new customers with a single campaign
  • How a UK company reduced their CAC by £40
  • How custom data targeting generated significant returns for theatres across London’s West End

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