Report: Ad-supported OTT is still a long way from matching linear TV’s reach

The world of TV advertising is undergoing rapid and lasting change. Cord cutting continues apace, quarantine has driven spikes in both streaming and linear viewership, and inventory prices have fallen. With so many changes occurring at once, how should advertisers invest in linear TV and streaming platforms?

This new guide for brands and agencies provides tips and strategies for budgeting across data-driven linear TV and OTT. In it, you’ll find expert advice for maximizing audience reach and impressions, and you’ll learn how successful companies have struck the right balance between linear and streaming buys.

Download and discover:

  • How OTT stacks up to linear when it comes to audience reach
  • Why linear TV can still top OTT in the media mix
  • How advertisers can apply data-driven targeting to linear buys
  • How top advertisers like Experian are balancing their linear and OTT investments

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