Post-omnichannel marketing has marketers reevaluating the customer journey

As marketing channels evolve and blur together, dividing into walled garden platforms and more, it’s created a complex and confusing environment. 

While this evolution has sparked more opportunities for brands to reach consumers, connecting the siloed channels to deliver a streamlined experience has become more challenging. To cut through the noise, marketers are adopting a new mindset, rethinking the traditional linear marketing funnel and adopting a model that isn’t definitively structured or cyclical but spans all digital and physical touchpoints. 

To future-proof marketing strategies in this evolving space, marketers are also adopting context- and customer-forward strategies based on real-time behavior, online and offline environments and the psychology of customers. By recognizing that a customer’s journey isn’t necessarily linear and shoppers may skip steps or come back to one multiple times, marketers are redefining their strategies for success. 

Download Infillion’s new guide to learn: 

  • What the new customer journey looks like in the post-omnichannel world
  • What post-omnichannel experiences mean for customers 
  • How marketers are assessing post-omnichannel needs and pain points 
  • How engaging creative is driving consumers to convert

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Post-omnichannel marketing has marketers reevaluating the customer journey
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