Guide: How advertisers are using e-commerce sites for top-of-the-funnel advertising

Even before the current crisis, retail customers were moving much of their shopping behavior online. Brands now face the critical challenge of not only selling through e-commerce sites and apps, but marketing through them.

As a result, retail media — digital advertising that’s deployed directly within retailer sites and applications — is rapidly gaining adoption. Retailers from Amazon to Target to Best Buy have built businesses selling retail media inventory to brands. Increasingly, brands are using retail media to drive not only purchases, but product discovery.

Download this new guide to learn:

  • How brands are using retail media ads to reshape the funnel, driving product discovery along with conversions
  • How brands are using search tactics to drive direct-response on retail sites
  • How brands are solving reporting and measurement challenges in the e-commerce environment
  • Why many brands are beginning to expand their retail media spend beyond Amazon

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