Innovative ‘creative data’ is transforming marketing performance for the future

Creativity has always been — and always will be — hugely important for effective marketing. According to Nielsen, creative input directly contributes more than 47 percent of the total influence that drives the conversions that result from ads. Often, however when marketers talk about data, the focus is on targeting and delivery alone rather than on using data to optimize creative content. Creative content contains data that marketers can’t afford to ignore — the kind of data that positively impacts ad performance. And with the market becoming increasingly crowded and competitive, brands are increasingly harnessing the ‘creative data’ within creative content.

Download this whitepaper to learn:

  • What creative data is and how marketers can use it to increase advertising results
  • How creative data can be used to optimize content
  • How fusing creativity and data drives campaign performance
  • How digital agency Huge and boutique branding agency Ikon use creative data to drive their success

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