In-app audiences: How games and rewarded video are fueling successful campaigns

The vast majority of all mobile activity is now spent in-app — but many advertisers still aren’t tailoring their strategies to the mobile ecosystem as it exists. Fewer than one third are designating a majority of their mobile marketing budgets to apps, as opposed to the mobile web.

In large part, this is because advertisers hold mistaken assumptions about what kinds of consumers engage with mobile apps, particularly mobile games. The utility of certain in-app ad products, including rewarded video ads, also remains poorly understood. In this new report, you’ll gain insights into the nuanced characteristics of gamers and other app users, along with the most effective tools and tactics that advertisers are using to reach them.

You’ll learn:

  • Why mobile gaming demographics are surprisingly diverse
  • Why gamers, advertisers and publishers prefer rewarded video ad experiences
  • Why in-app ads beat mobile web ads in viewability and brand safety
  • How in-app ad measurement has caught up to the mobile web