In a time of change, marketers are adding a dose of empathy to their ads

A year of pandemic and quarantine has changed the way we live, work and shop, but it has also accelerated business processes and transformation across industries — from retail to supply and distribution, to the very ways marketers shape messages for consumers who are now searching and buying from home.

The year 2020 has redefined how technology impacts that process as well, with artificial intelligence surging in the tech stacks of brands and advertisers racing to capture e-commerce market share. In the midst of this, marketers are also working to ensure that stressed and frightened consumers are served ads that showcase solidarity and fluidity. Download this new report to learn more about the transformations underway, in which even the best-prepared brands have struggled to pivot to meet the challenges of more than one crisis and the need for sensitivity, context and solidarity has been highlighted like never before.

Read this new study to discover:

  • The critical role of empathy and sensitivity in technology-driven marketing
  • The ways that marketers are striving to hit ROI benchmarks in the face of rapid change
  • How AI and other technologies are making a difference in solving the challenges of rapid response reactions to shifting consumer behavior
  • Which brands have flourished and met the ongoing marketplace shifts with the help of AI and new tech solutions for real-time decision making are combining with creative empathy

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