How one news organization transformed to keep up with big tech

As the world shifts to a digital-first — and digital-only — mindset, some long-established brands are still playing catch up. 

For publishers, moving from print to digital-only, for example, came with the need to communicate with consumers and advertisers in an entirely new way — not to mention needing to collect data carefully and securely and share it in a privacy-safe manner. 

In this new guide, the experts at Optable dive into how Canadian newspaper La Presse shifted to an all-digital approach and then fine-tuned its strategy, such as its audience data and data collaboration investment.  

Download the report to learn more about: 

  • How La Presse’s digital-first audience data became an essential aspect of its monetization strategy
  • How La Presse tackled sharing insights and data directly with advertisers
  • How the news organization built a data collaboration solution to grow its ad business

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How one news organization transformed to keep up with big tech
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