How marketers are unlocking audiences across linear and connected TV

While TV advertising has evolved since its first appearance back in 1941, what hasn’t changed is that it’s the most viable and cost-effective way for brands to tell their story to a mass audience.  Despite this, many marketers either don’t think that the medium is appropriate for them or that it’s too expensive, not measurable enough or too difficult for them to execute. And those with years of experience advertising on linear TV wonder if they should shift budget toward the growing world of CTV. This guide dispels the myths holding back many brands from entering the TV space while also discussing how best to get started. 

Download this guide from Simulmedia to learn: 

  • The value of both linear and CTV and why they work well together
  • How to develop a cross-channel approach
  • How to build a compelling creative for TV
  • How to establish a baseline for TV marketing metrics

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