How marketers are maximizing this season’s shopper revenue

Black Friday and the holidays are right around the corner, with advertisers facing competitive stakes like few other times of the year — the season being the most frantic buying period for shoppers. To be successful during this high-stakes time, marketing teams are refining their user experience through testing and personalization.

However, enhancing UX takes tactics and know-how, and many advertisers could use some guidance on testing — which is instrumental in building CTAs and abandoned cart strategies that deliver conversions.

During this on-demand webinar with Mary Kate Cash, head of growth marketing, North America at AB Tasty, learn the importance of user experience as a branding opportunity and how marketers can plan their testing roadmap for the holiday season and the new year ahead.

Download this on-demand event to learn:

  • Testing ideas that can be easily replicated
  • When is the best time to implement optimization and conversion tests
  • How to prioritize experiments during high-traffic seasons
  • How to evaluate the success of tests across the conversion funnel

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