How digital publishers are leveraging AI to drive revenue

Digital publishers have struggled with numerous obstacles over the past year, from news fatigue and an uncertain economy to declining search and social traffic. As reducing overhead costs and maximizing revenue increases in importance, these publishers are evaluating how AI can help them meet their goals. 

While some publishers are cautiously approaching the newest generation of AI, many are racing to apply the technology and gain a competitive advantage with audiences. AI has many use cases. Some use it to dub their video content in other languages to expand their reach, engagement, and monetization; others use it to increase creative productivity, automate and streamline tasks, and more. 

In this new guide from Papercup, learn why digital publishers are leaning into AI as a revenue driver and how they use the technology to benefit their businesses.  

Download the guide to learn more about: 

  • The challenges digital publishers are facing and those that are likely to come up in 2024
  • How publishers are using generative AI to improve their workflows
  • How generative AI is helping publishers expand distribution and grow audiences

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How digital publishers are leveraging AI to drive revenue
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