How brands and agencies are making the most of retail media in 2023

Retail media — and retail media networks — experienced a wave of new attention throughout 2022. Brands and agencies have realized the power of engaging retail customers with endemic and non-endemic products, growing awareness, driving engagement and capturing conversions.

To unpack how marketers are responding to the evolution of retail media, including budget reallocations, measurement changes and adoption of new technologies, Digiday and Best Buy Ads surveyed 75 brands (52%) and agencies (48%). This State of the Industry report highlights what they told us, spotlighting how advertisers are adapting to the retail media landscape in the first half of 2023.

Download this new report to learn more about:

  • How the role of retail media is evolving in the brand and agency marketing mix
  • Which creative formats brands and agencies are using in retail media campaigns
  • How retail media ad campaigns stack up against other advertising channels
  • How brands’ and agencies’ retail media strategies will change in 2023 and beyond

Sponsored by: Best Buy Ads

How brands and agencies are making the most of retail media in 2023
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