How advertisers are improving benchmarks for campaign effectiveness

In determining the results of a campaign, such as brand sentiment, net promoter score (NPS) impact of a new initiative and how dedicated advertising drives purchase decisions, robust approaches to benchmarks are needed in order to identify what’s meaningful. 

For decades, advertisers have utilized comparative norms to benchmark the effectiveness of their advertising. However, as channels proliferate and KPIs evolve, these benchmarks have developed blind spots — and those are impacting the way advertisers measure their campaigns. 

As advertisers work to improve their benchmarks, the steps they’re taking are focused on reflecting new channels and metrics, so that brands and agencies can keep up with the pulse of campaign performance — plus make real-time changes and turn insights into action that will drive success in future creative and activations. 

Download this new report from DISQO to learn more about: 

  • What are the shortcomings of existing benchmarks
  • New approaches advertisers are taking
  • How to put new benchmarks into practice
  • What advertisers can learn from newer benchmarks

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How advertisers are improving benchmarks for campaign effectiveness
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