Guide: WTF is responsible media?

As climate change, DE&I and the call for trustworthy and non-harmful media command an increasingly vital role in conversations across geographies, cultures and industries, advertisers are increasingly looking for solutions to ensure they’re running responsible media campaigns.

With the help of organizations such as IAB and Ad Net Zero, advertisers are increasingly aligning on responsible media standards. As advertisers and publishers work to align their understandings of responsible media, they are also working toward a common language and standards to describe and measure the outcomes of these goals. And pursuing responsible media also aligns with business priorities.

In this new WTF guide, Digiday and PubMatic unpack what responsible media means, what investing and building a sustainable — and equitable — advertising supply chain for the future requires and how ad tech is helping advertisers, agencies and publishers solve these challenges. 

Download this guide to learn: 

  • How advertisers are defining responsible media
  • Why brand advertisers should care about responsible media
  • What metrics advertisers are using when evaluating responsible media efforts
  • How to choose a good partner to help with responsible media and how ad tech vendors are working to promote sustainable outcomes

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Guide: WTF is responsible media?
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