Guide: How brands can get in on 2022 New Year’s resolutions

The New Year brings on a heightened sense of health and wellness awareness among consumers. At the start of 2022, brands have an opportunity to better connect with their audiences based on their new health resolutions and goals. 

Healthline Media’s latest edition of its trend lineup — focused on 2022 healthy resolutions — spotlights the top New Year’s resolution predictions based on trend forecasts and expert insights. From shifting to plant-based lifestyles to better managing finances, these resolution predictions give brands an idea of how to align messaging to support changes their customers may be making in their lives next year. 

Download this guide to learn about:

  • Seven key predictions for 2022 New Year’s resolutions, including a rise in sleep tracking and water-based wellness. 
  • How brands can play a role in empowering audiences to achieve and maintain their 2022 goals
  • How advertisers can drive the most impact through campaigns while consumers are in experimental mindsets.

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