Gen-C: How COVID-19 has shaped the Amazon consumer

In 2020, COVID-19 has shaped every conceivable e-commerce trend, and it comes as no surprise that shoppers — and female shoppers in particular — have flocked to Amazon as in-store shopping has vanished. Women are certainly buying more essential items for health and virus protection, but it’s especially notable that they have increased their online beauty and personal care and grocery purchases as well.

In a new collection of data-rich slides, leading Amazon expert Rina Yashayeva, vp, Marketplace Strategy at the award-winning marketing and media agency Stella Rising, explores Amazon shopping trends in a time of pandemic and quarantine. Her presentation features Stella Rising’s new research into what consumers shop for and value most about Amazon.

Download Yashayeva’s new presentation to learn:

  • Which Amazon product categories have received the biggest boosts from female shoppers
  • How non-essential retailers are faring among female shoppers in the age of COVID-19
  • Which beauty, fashion and personal care products are experiencing robust Amazon sales
  • An overall forecast of e-commerce trends amongst female shoppers, stretching into the year 2022

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