All fun and games: How gaming is transforming digital marketing

From mobile apps to esports, video games are ubiquitous — and it’s time for marketers to level-up. While the word “gamer” may still conjure up a stereotypical image or two, research paints a different picture. Differing demographics and multiple devices; the reality of gaming in 2019 and beyond is a diverse landscape with ample opportunities. 

This need-to-know guide to video game advertising contains useful hints and tips, expert insight and actionable advice, in addition to charting the moves major players.   

By downloading this guide you will discover: 


  • An introduction to mobile in-app gaming 
  • The latest in competitive gaming campaigns 
  • How mobile gaming company PeopleFun seized personalized advertising
  • Five Twitch influencers you need to know 
  • Why drone racing is going network


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