Framing the state of digital identity solutions in 2022

For digital media, 2022 has been another year of significant change, as Google again pushed back its third-party cookie deprecation and privacy regulations have tightened. These moves have only heightened the stakes for advertisers and media companies of all kinds. 

Businesses are still preparing for a cookieless world, but, according to ID5’s new ‘The State of Digital Identity 2022’ report, 87% of advertisers believe they are missing out on reaching cookieless audiences today. To remedy this and remain prepared for a world without traditional identifiers, advertisers, publishers and ad tech platforms are testing alternative solutions.

Smart companies are already implementing efficient addressability strategies to maximize the opportunities that the cookieless present offers. Download this report from ID5 to learn:

  • How advertisers are relying on tech partners to implement solutions
  • Which types of companies have made the most progress
  • What obstacles are preventing companies from adopting new solutions
  • How publishers evaluate first-party universal identifiers
  • When companies expect to finalize cookieless strategies

Sponsored by: ID5

Framing the state of digital identity solutions in 2022
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