Data matters: Why publishers are missing out on data-driven revenue

Building new revenue channels, personalizing the on-site experience, and increasing advertising revenue are high priorities for publishers. For many, these needs have resulted in more mature data strategies — but this focus comes at a time when industry-revolutionizing trends are changing the way media is bought and sold.

In our last Data Matters report, we discovered that over a quarter of publishers are finding it hard to sell with data.

We wanted to find out why, so we interviewed experts on both the buy and sell side on browser changes, the move to private marketplaces, what media buyers want from publishers, and the steps publishers need to take to sell with data more effectively.

Download our new report to find out:


  • How BuzzFeed, Immediate Media, GroupM and OMD are dealing with diminishing third-party cookies
  • Why anti-tracking and privacy trends are a positive for publishers
  • How publishers can better articulate their value and partner with buyers
  • Seven core steps towards data-driven revenue


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