Brands need advertising automation to control the consumer journey

Streamlined, fluid and accessible ways of transacting between inventory and media have only partly been realized across current forms of advertising automation — namely programmatic. Against that backdrop, download this new report to explore the definition of authentic advertising automation, how it will be achieved and what it means for the future. 

Our consideration of automation will go beyond programmatic as well, to include how marketers effectively advertise in an omnichannel ecosystem, doing so in a fashion that ensures the best return on investment for whole campaigns — rather than a single ad exposure. The report examines the impact of automation technology on teams — both remote and in-office — and the shift away from “black-box” automation toward understanding the consumer journey and adapting to create the best outcome for the brand. 

Download this report and learn:

  • A definition of true advertising automation 
  • Why advertisers are shifting away from the black-box approaches
  • A view from an agency, Lamark Media and from a DTC brand, Purple
  • The correlation between automation and the customer journey

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