Research: Publishers are using first-party data to create loyal subscribers

In the midst of a pandemic, the appetite for news and information has resulted in a spike in subscriptions for publishers — including Bloomberg, WSJ and The Atlantic — even when many are relaxing paywalls.

The increase is a lesson. It shows that monetizing content at a time when advertising revenue is coming under increasing pressure isn’t just about building a paywall. In the pivot-to-paid, publishers have a wealth of options available to develop a lasting two-way relationship with their audience that goes beyond simply putting a barrier between users and the content that they want — and need — to access.

In new research, our survey of more than 100 media businesses in the US and UK shows that more than half say the biggest contributor to growth will be subscriptions, as revenue diversification beyond advertising ramps up.

Download this report to find out:

  • How media businesses are monetizing content beyond paywalls
  • The biggest barriers and benefits to a more agile and sophisticated monetization mix
  • How Which?, PEI Media and Babbel are personalizing customer journeys to maximize revenue
  • Why and how publishers are using first-party data to build loyal, engaged subscribers

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