Attention 2.0: Enhancing ad measurement beyond clicks and viewability

Consumers are spending more and more time on their smartphones — and old-school marketing practices need to evolve to keep up.

However, it’s becoming increasingly complicated to fully understand consumer behavior on mobile, and outdated performance metrics are failing to convey the full value of its use as a viable marketing platform. Fewer than half of marketers claim to be confident in their current mobile KPIs, and even fewer consider themselves able to measure consumer attention on mobile.

In this commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting, 164 brand marketers at retail, automotive and CPG/manufacturing companies were surveyed about the metrics they use to measure mobile success. With this research, marketers can better understand what it takes to succeed in this valuable channel.

In this guide you will learn:


  • Why marketers are more eager than ever to find new approaches and technology to bolster measurement for mobile advertising — nearly 80 percent of them are hungry for better customer attention data
  • Real insights on mobile marketing strategies from surveyed media buying decision-makers in the US
  • The specific mobile metrics that media buyers believe deliver the most critical business benefits
  • A closer look into the significant challenges that arise from ineffective mobile measurement


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