Advertising report: In-app mobile video ad trends in 2020

Consumers now spend more time using their mobile devices than they do watching TV — or, for that matter, engaging with any other single medium. Not surprisingly, brands are now shifting from television to mobile in-app advertising to reach their consumers.

This new report, based on a detailed analysis of U.S. mobile users and advertisers between 2019 and 2020, explores how marketers are approaching mobile in-app video advertising. Over the course of this guide, you’ll gain insights into how brands are using video advertising to engage with users, which app categories have experienced the most investment growth and which types of formats are proving most effective.

Download this new report to learn:

  • Which in-app formats advertisers are investing in most
  • How in-app video performance compares to in-app banner performance
  • Why vertical video drives more clicks than other video formats
  • How in-app video allocation — particularly in gaming — has shifted during the pandemic

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