The Future Leader Awards, presented by Digiday, Glossy and Modern Retail, are back to recognize the next generation of industry leaders. From founders of brands that were created out of personal need to leaders who are unafraid to speak out — or even build entire companies around — formerly taboo topics, this year’s nominees signal an innovative, courageous future for marketing, media, retail, beauty, wellness and fashion. 

Take Enrico Frezza, for example. The founder and CEO of Peace Out Skincare created the now number one best-selling acne brand at Sephora with no background in science or dermatology, only the will to overcome his skin struggles. After three years of intensive research and development, Frezza created the first-ever hydrocolloid acne dot, now a staple in any skincare toolbox. This, combined with leading the company through an ever-growing retail footprint and an expansion into the anti-aging space, has earned Frezza a spot on the Glossy Future Leader shortlist in the Beauty category. 

During the pandemic and a time of racial reckoning and the oft-cited Great Resignation, Angelica Cadiente Kelly, senior manager of corporate communications at BetterUp, has been a strong advocate for equity for underrepresented groups and mental health in the workplace. At BetterUp, she positions the brand as a thought leader redefining the future of work, including updating the conversations around mental health and inclusion. Her work is informed by leveraging in-house psychologists and behavioral scientists. In turn, she encourages organizations to implement science-backed, measurable programs that support their employees’ career and personal growth, as well as their overall wellbeing. Her work has landed her a place on the Digiday Future Leader shortlist in the Brand category.

As communication in the digital world became more important than ever over the last couple of years, Travis Montaque drove growth for his messaging technology company, Holler, by expanding it to brands and marketers looking to connect with customers authentically. Even with that growth, however, Montaque has stood firm in his commitment to data privacy, leveraging contextual rather than personal information to deliver the best experience. He also took his leadership a step further by co-founding Group Black, an organization with the mission of bringing investment and opportunity to Black-owned media companies. His leadership on both fronts earns him a nomination for Digiday Future Leader in the Technology Provider category. 

While our judges determine the winners of this year’s awards, take a look at the complete list of very deserving nominees below.  


Digiday Future Leader – Agency
  • Brittany Johnson – Associate Creative Director, Art, Pace
  • Hannah Farmer Lucas – Director, Strategy and Programmatic Media, Good Apple
  • Khari Motayne – Director of Inclusive Strategy, Direct Agents
  • Maddie Kaseeska – Associate Director, Marketplaces, Tinuiti
  • Natasha Potashnik – SVP & Partner of Media Science, Known
  • Stephen Nations – Director of Strategy, Drive Social Media
Digiday Future Leader – Brand
  • Angelica Cadiente Kelly – Sr. Manager, Corporate Communications, BetterUp
  • Aylon Steinhart – CEO & Co-Founder, Eclipse Foods
  • Meghan Ayles – Assistant Brand Manager, Rare Beauty Brands- Plant Apothecary & Dr. Dana Beauty
  • Nikki Coleman – Head of People and Operations, We Are Rosie
  • Stephanie Ortiz – CEO, It’s A Secret Med Spa
  • Stephanie Walker – Senior Innovation Marketing Manager, Tropicana Brands Group
Digiday Future Leader – Publisher
  • Danielle Rubino – VP of Brand Development & Marketing, Forbes
  • Jenk Oz – Founder, Thred Media
  • Kayla Libuda – Senior Marketing Strategy Manager, Insider
  • Mack Sovereign – Executive Vice President, Content & Strategy, Wave Sports + Entertainment
  • Niven McCall-Mazza – Editor-in-Chief, theSkimm
  • Rachel Goldstein – Head of Industry, Technology, New York Times Advertising
Digiday Future Leader – Technology Provider
  • Allison Ferenci – CEO, Camera IQ
  • Jessica Peterson – Brand Strategist – Customer Success, BlueOcean
  • Katie Tiunova Popa – Director of Client Success, Adapex, LLC
  • Katie Weintraub – Senior Product Marketing Manager, Zeta Global
  • Meridith Rojas – Global Head of Entertainment & Creator Marketing, Logitech For Creators, Logitech
  • Travis Montaque – Founder & CEO, Holler and Group Black
Glossy Future Leader – Beauty
  • Emma Lewisham – Founder and CEO, Emma Lewisham
  • Enrico Frezza – Founder & CEO, Peace Out Skincare
  • Hallie Gould – Editorial Director, Byrdie
  • Jennifer Paxton – Senior Brand Manager, Neutrogena Megabrand, Johnson & Johnson
  • Meghan Ayles – Assistant Brand Manager, Rare Beauty Brands- Plant Apothecary & Dr. Dana Beauty
Glossy Future Leader – Fashion
  • Aaron Sanandres – Founder, Definite Articles
  • Brittany Bentley – Co-founder, Creative Director, Parker Clay
  • Charu Subramanian – Director, Strategic Insights, Rothy’s
  • Francesca Aiello – Founder & Creative Director, Frankies Bikinis
  • Olivia Landau – CEO and Co-Founder, The Clear Cut
Glossy Future Leader – Wellness
  • Beatrice Dixon – Founder and CEO, The Honey Pot Company
  • Priyanka Jain – Co-Founder and CEO, Evvy
Modern Retail Future Leader – Digitally-native Brand
  • Bradford “Chip” Malt – Co-founder and CEO, Made In Cookware
  • Brittany Chavez – CEO, Shop Latinx
  • Jordan Nathan – Founder & CEO, Caraway Home
  • Juhi Girish Pikale – Sr. Director, Acquisition Marketing, Fabletics
  • Massimiliano Tirocchi – Co-Founder and CMO, Trafilea
Modern Retail Future Leader – Established Retailer
  • Becca May – Retail Communications, Warby Parker
  • Jessica Almanza – Senior Manager of Retail Communications & Training, Warby Parker
  • Raja Dhir – Co-founder + Co-CEO of Seed Health, Seed Health

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