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TWCE, NFL, NBCU Telemundo, Amazon Music and Delta Air Lines are this year’s Digiday en Español Awards winners

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Digiday is proud to announce the first edition of the Digiday en Español Awards, recognizing creative work focusing on Spanish-speaking audiences in the U.S., Latin America and Spain. 

Diversity, inclusion, connection, recognition and social responsibility were just some of the major themes found throughout the multicultural marketing industry’s best campaigns, companies and people this year.

One entrant focused on inclusion and social responsibility was The Weather Channel en Español, which won Best Use of Video. Its network, TWCE, is the first 24-hour Spanish-language free streaming weather news network in the U.S., covering the U.S., the Caribbean and Latin America. In addition to live broadcasts, TWCE features original content featuring exciting and unexpected views on weather, climate change and more. For example, it produced a special about Puerto Rico, taking an in-depth look at the erosion of beaches, the extinction of some species and the impact on fishing and tourism. 

To bring attention to diverse, independent artists, the Mexico division of the NFL developed the ‘NFL Orígenes’ initiative to secure the Best Marketing Campaign award. This campaign aimed to develop a new line of NFL merchandise and sell it at the Mexico City game and retail partners around the city. By giving artists and designers in the fashion space a platform around key tentpole events, their work can be shown to a broader audience. One example is the work of Alberto López Gómez, which preserves the essence of an ancient weaving tradition with the support of the community where it originated. The surrounding media campaign and interviews raised awareness about the under-representation of indigenous artisans and designers in the retail fashion industry.

Marketer of the Year went to NBCU Telemundo’s Claudia Chagui for her many achievements, including leading the marketing campaign for the record-shattering FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. Chagui’s team tapped into the heart of what the biggest soccer event in the world means to Telemundo viewers and drove home where they can expect to find the best, most ambitious World Cup coverage ever. Chagui and her team continue to drive research into Telemundo’s deep connection with its growing audience — 67 million Latinos in the U.S. and millions more around the world. Furthermore, Telemundo made history this year as the first-ever Spanish-language network to broadcast the Super Bowl, averaging 1.9 million viewers, by far the most-watched NFL game in the U.S. Spanish-language history. 

To showcase its diverse selection of music, Amazon Music and BeautifulBeast teamed up to increase awareness of the brand among Latin music listeners and U.S. Hispanic young adults and increase Latin music monthly active users. With ‘The Game Changers’ concept, the pair secured the win for Best Bilingual Marketing Campaign. ‘Game Changers’ embodied the creative bravery of new artists and of young Latinos in the U.S. Amazon Music wanted to give omnicultural, non-Latino fans of this music an outlet to discover, learn and appreciate Nuestra Cultura beyond music. The campaign generated an increase of 13.6% in unaided awareness among U.S. Hispanics and narrowed the gap of unaided awareness between U.S. Hispanics and the general public by 16.6%. 

In seeking to reach South American (SAM) consumers traveling to the U.S. and promote specific airline routes, Delta Air Lines and My Code won the Best Use of Influencer Marketing award. The four major routes the airline wanted to promote were Brazil (Sao Paulo–New York), Chile (Santiago–Atlanta), Mexico (Mexico City–Los Angeles) and Columbia (Bogota–Miami). Delta and My Code produced a video series featuring influencers that self-identify with the SAM community and audience. The team utilized its influencer network to tap creators and artists to help embody ‘the pursuit of inspiration’ by pairing creative collaborators from both the U.S. and SAM countries. The concept was built to inspire and spotlight the artistry of creatives from SAM countries and how Delta Air Lines can bring them together literally and creatively. The audience received the campaign well, with 88% rating it positive. 

Full 2023 Digiday en Español Awards winners list below:

Best Bilingual Marketing Campaign

  • Amazon Music & BeautifulBeast

Best Content Marketing Strategy

  • EGO (Unilever) + VolkGames (Caracol Televisión)

Best Marketing Campaign (Mexico)

  • NFL

Best Marketing Campaign (U.S.)

  • DishLATINO

Best Sports Marketing Campaign


Best Use of Emerging Technology

  • Finecast, part of GroupM Nexus and mSix & Partners

Best Use of Influencer Marketing

  • Delta Air Lines & My Code

Best Use of Out-of-Home Media

  • Amazon Music & BeautifulBeast

Best Use of Social Media

  • The Weather Channel en Español

Best Use of Video

  • The Weather Channel en Español

Leader of the Year

  • Kaio Philipe, COO and Co-Founder, Bloomberg Línea

Marketer of the Year

  • Claudia Chagui, SVP, Marketing & Creative, NBCU Telemundo

Publisher of the Year

  • Bloomberg Línea

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