Will Consumers Bolt on Big Data?

While I try to wrap my mind around director Nick Cassavetes (“The Notebook,” “Alpha Dog”) publicly saying that incest is no biggie, here are some must-read articles.

Big data is all the rage nowadays. You’re not worth your salt as an ad tech provider if you’re not bleating about your use of big data. The selling point is that all this data we’re creating will benefit both marketers and consumers, who will see fewer, more relevant ads. Maybe. The tradeoff is consumers might get freaked out if big data turns into marketer stalking. Retargeted ads, which are fairly simple executions on big data, are creepy enough, so it’s enough to wonder what’s going to happen when marketers go even deeper. (AdAge)

VMA TV viewership was down 50 percent and they’re saying it’s because of the “wired generation” of consumers (18 and younger) turning to other screens to view the show. This is not necessarily a bad thing since these consumers were tweeting, using Facebook and MTV’s own app to create buzz around the show. This means that engagement for TV events is more than just viewership. Tune-in numbers are no longer an accurate measure of a program’s success. (MediaPost)

This article on GoDaddy’s outages as a result of a hack shows the importance of having competition in digital. GoDaddy owns and operates 53 million domains. So with the hack, all these companies were affected. It makes me think about Google and Facebook, both of which may have too much control in their particular markets; search and social media, respectively. It’s probably not smart to put all of your eggs in one basket. (CNN)

With content becoming central to almost all brands’ social media strategies, blogging is becoming a big trend for both B2B and consumer goods brands. It’s becoming more and more difficult to stand out, but the companies that are able to align themselves with issues that their target audience is most passionate about — in a creative way — will win in the end. (Smallbiztrends.com)

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