Twitter Troublemakers

Twitter Trickery: What you see is not always what you get when it comes to the Internet. It seems that Anthony Weiner was the victim of some social media deception; even before Weinergate, a group of conservatives was monitoring his Twitter activity (particularly his interactions with women), and thanks to their attention, there is evidence that suggests that unknown persons set up fake Twitter accounts posing as young girls in an attempt to entrap and expose Weiner (which he ended up doing himself anyway). One of the fake Twitter users posed as a high school girl trying to get the NY Rep. to be her prom date, and the other fake user claimed to be the first girl’s classmate and offered to give the Weiner watchdog group incriminating information. However, according to California state officials, there is no evidence that these two girls exist. The true identities of the fake Twitter users remain unknown. Just goes to show, be careful who you Tweet with; you never know who is actually behind that @. NYT

Hashtags in the Sky:  Trendy Virgin America airlines is staying on top of the social media craze by taking Twitter to the skies. Enter #nerdbird: Virgin’s first hashtag-named and branded plane, which is named after Virgin’s social media fans and also refers to the techies who frequently fly Virgin’s SFO-BOS flights. Mashable

eCard of the Day: Come on, we all know you have to wait at least 60 minutes before accepting a friend request. Musn’t seem overeager. Someecards

Video of the Day: Good luck with online dating.

Tumblr of the Day: In honor of Father’s Day and parents in general, STFU, Parents.

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