Twitter Stories Debut

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What’s Your Twitter Story?: Not unlike Facebook Stories and Google Stories, Twitter now has a new feature called Twitter Stories, which is meant to highlight interesting, noteworthy uses of Twitter. For example the Twitter story of Chris Strouth who tweeted that he needed a kidney and got one, or Aaron Durand who saved his mom’s bookstore via Twitter. Of course Twitter Stories doesn’t just feature regular, old Twitter users, but also features brands and celebrities, like Roger Ebert and Burberry. You can submit your own stories by tweeting at @TwitterStories or by using the hashtag #TwitterStories. HuffPo

Reddit to the Rescue: A man in Chicago accidentally dropped his glasses while walking on an overpass over a lot. He posted on Reddit asking for help to retrive his glasses and low and behold! A climbing enthusiast responded to the post and took his gear, went searching for the glasses and found them. I guess Reddit isn’t just a creepy message board. The Daily Dot

QR Cookies, Yum: German company Qkies (a joint project between German food trade company Juchem Gruppe and DFKI, the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence) has come up with a new place to put QR codes: in your belly—well on cookies first, then in your belly. With Qkie cookie mix (which is available online for EUR 6.90 per box) you bake the cookies and then decorate them with the included QR codes, which are printed on edible paper. Whoever you give the cookies to is supposed to scan the QR code with their phone and will be directed to an online destination of the baker’s choice—whether it’s a YouTube video, a photo on Flickr or a personalized Web page with a specific message. It’s a novel idea, and certainly it’s the tastiest use of QR codes yet. 1 Design Per Day

Tumblr of the Day: You really can never go wrong with a Ryan Gosling-related Tumblr, never. Is Ryan Gosling Cuter Than a Puppy?

Video of the Day: Why do I feel like I’m watching something out of “Napoleon Dynamite”?  The Daily What

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