The Signal: Mobile Gender Gap

Mobile Gender Gap: The GMSA found that in developing countries women are 21 percent less likely to own a cell phone than men; and in an effort to close this mobile gender gap has launched its mWomen Programme. With support from both the humanitarian and telecommunications industries (including Nokia and 25 wireless carriers), the mWomen Programme hopes to halve the mobile phone gender gap within the next three years so that women in developing countries can connect and communicate too. WirelessWeek

Apple vs. Samsung: The patent war continues: even though last Wednesday, Judge Lucy Koh rejected Samsung’s request to check out the iPad 3 and the iPhone 5, she hinted that she would not give Apple the preliminary injunction it is banking on. So now, Apple is continuing its fight, but this round is in South Korea, where Apple has filed another lawsuit claiming that Samsung is infringing upon Apple patents. TechCrunch

Nokia and Siemens: In light of Nokia Siemens Networks’ nearly $1 billion losses last year, Nokia and Siemens are working on restructuring their joint venture. It looks like the two companies are exploring a “self-help” deal or possibly selling a controlling stake in the venture to a consortium. WSJ

Apple Rumors: The latest in Apple rumors includes talk about imminent new MacBook Air release and iPhone 5 dates. Techland

TV for Wi-Fi?: A Microsoft-led consortium will begin a testing in Britain this week to see if unused TV spectrum can be employed for new wireless broadband networkssince smartphones are using up so much Wi-Fi data. CNET

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