The Signal: Apple Privacy Woes Mount

More iPhone Privacy Probs: Here’s another reason for iPhone and iPad users to worry about their privacy; researcher Aldo Cortesi discovered a security flaw in iOS apps that makes it possible to connect a device’s anonymous, unique device identifier (UDID) with the real-life identity of the owner of the device. This also means that Apple, app developers, advertisers and other third parties could track what apps you use, how often you use them, and who knows what else. The UIDID, like a serial number, is permanent, which is why this security flaw is of concern. Wired


Android Users Beware Too: Juniper Networks just released a study that shows a 400 percent increase in Android malware. The study also found that security concerns for both enterprise and consumer mobile devices are at an all-time high, and that users face security threats when using SMS and downloading apps. MobileCrunch


Android Gets Amped Up: At the annual Google I/O the company announced a lot of new things in the works for Android devices. Google plans to update Honeycomb, the version of Android for tablets, and will also release a new version of the operating system, called Ice Cream Sandwich, which will support both phones and tablets. Among other announcements, Google also announced changes to its TV service and to its movie and music services. HuffPo


Magazine Apps Too Pricey: Doesn’t reading a magazine on a tablet save paper and printing costs? Then why are magazine apps so expensive? The New Yorker costs $4.99 per iPad-ready issue, while the print issue costs $5.99—not much of a savings. Also, a one-year app-only subscription costs $59.99, $20 more than a one-year print subscription, which includes the app. WTF right? Turns out it’s about ads. The print ad industry is still very valuable; in fact, it is more valuable to publishers than tablet ads because print products (and therefore print ads) reach a much wider audience. Techland


Click-Through Winner: While last year it was Sybmian phones that offered the highest click-through rates on the Smaato network, this year it’s Windows Phone 7. This doesn’t seem to quite add up considering Windows Phone 7’s not so stellar sales. What gives? GigaOm

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