The Signal: Amazon Preps iPad Competitor

iPad Killer?: Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos does not like the popular practice within the digital media industry of labeling things the “x killer” (and rightly so, it’s annoying); so when asked whether Amazon was going to create an iPad killer, Bezos didn’t specify Amazon’s plans for a tablet, but did talk about this kind of product competition, explaining, “Any kind of new product introduction, probably the company is not hoping to completely kill any other company.” Fast Company


Not for Kids: Looks like Apple is looking out for kids. The company pulled iAds from an app called Dex because it deals with content aimed at kids, like Nintendo’s Pokemon game. Apple claims it’s not a change in policy, only a long-standing choice not to show ads in apps that are targeting children. WSJ


Nokia Rebrands: Nokia plans on rebranding its Ovi services in preparation for its shift from independent handset company to a Microsoft partner. Ovi will be rebranded as Nokia services, but it is a name change only and doesn’t affect future Ovi service plans. The question is, will Microsoft straight out buy Nokia? GigaOm


Groupon Loves Mobile: Mobile will be one of Groupon’s largest sales drivers for the next few years.


Bye-bye Phone: It looks like wireless carriers will have to adapt the fast-changing mobile services industry; internet calls are the new voice calls. Everything is moving to data channels (for example, Microsoft’s purchase of Skype), which means mobile carriers will have to work with companies like Microsoft and Skype to figure out effective data plans. NYT

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