The Publisher Transformed

These are unsteady times for the publishing business. The digital age came on like a tidal wave more than a decade ago, but many publishers are still struggling to find their sea legs. Some titles didn’t change fast enough and got sucked under. Others embraced new technology and are not only staying afloat, they’re thriving.

At our Digiday Publishing Summit, Oct. 21-23 in Palm Beach, Fla., top names will discuss “The Publisher Transformed” and the forces shaping their success. Are they turning to crowdsourcing and curation? Are they embracing responsive design? How are they making money on mobile? Attendees who gather at the Four Seasons Resort will hear answers to these questions and more from speakers including:

  • Jane Pratt of XOJane and Business Insider’s Julie Hansen, who will discuss what it means to be a new publisher in today’s digital era.
  • Vivian Schiller of NBC News, who will highlight what models have worked for which mediums (broadcast, radio and digital) — and which haven’t.
  • Ryan Mannion of Politico and Cindy Jeffers of Salon, who will evaluate the various competing technologies and discuss which help publishers fill their evolving role.

Digiday editors will quiz these esteemed speakers on the digital media transformation and ask them how they’ve kept pace. You’ll eavesdrop on these insightful tete-a-tetes and enjoy an array of new formats designed to foster audience involvement, a welcome departure from the boring panels elsewhere.

We invite you to attend this two-and-a-half-day event where attendees will have a chance to ask their most pressing questions and get answers from major innovators. We hope to see you there. Request an invitation today.

Erika Schnitzer
Director of Conference Content

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